The importance of Touch Therapies

The Importance of Touch

We all love a good massage, but something we often overlook is the importance of touch in our everyday lives.

Through decades of social conditioning we have become a touch-phobic society, we’re not used to touching strangers, or even our friends, however touching in a way that makes us feel appreciated and cared for is essential for building relationships, and that “personal connection” through warm, friendly touch is something we all yearn for.

Did you know that touch is extremely beneficial for our health, and a major factor in our emotional well-being?

Touch relieves muscle tension and lowers our stress levels by decreasing the production of the stress hormone cortisol, our blood pressure drops, brain growth and function increase, and gives a boost to our immune system.

Touch also stimulates the production of oxytocin, aka the “love hormone” which helps with depression and disruptive behaviors, and has a big impact on how we cope with life, particularly if we receive positive, nurturing, affectionate touch as babies.

I bet you have all heard about the power of touch in keeping new born babies alive, as it seems we need human interaction and comfort to survive, especially in our early stages of life. In fact premature infants who receive massage while in care respond amazingly and it has been shown they gain 47% more weight, allowing them to recover fully and develop healthier and faster than premature babies who receive standard medical care.

No matter how big or small your child is, make sure you touch them lovingly often.

Give them a hug daily!


But don’t stop there, try to make hugging those around you apart of your day.

Even a simple pat on the back, or a quick grasp of the arm while chatting will show that you care and help strengthen your bond with others.


Remember what goes around, comes around.


 Do yourself and the world a favor – hold someones hand or give them a hug

– and of course book in a massage!



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