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We have all heard that the body is made up of over 60% water and that we should drink 8 glasses of water per day, however there are some interesting facts about water and staying hydrated that you may not be aware of…


Most people are chronically dehydrated and often feel fatigue, pain, and bodily dysfunction without ever knowing the cause. The entire body relies upon proper water intake for long-term health, so it goes without saying that when our body is dehydrated it has a serious effect on every system and all the cells within it, and serious problems can occur when there is prolonged lack of hydration.

Don’t rely on whether you feel thirsty or not, most often the body turns off our sense of thirst as a way of protecting it during “emergency” situations, and although you may not actually be in a drought, the body has taken literally that you are due to your current water intake.


As a general rule we should drink 8 glasses but this is a bit of a myth really. Varying slightly depending on your body mass, it is true we ought to be drinking in excess of 1.5 liters, even up to 3 liters daily, however more importantly is how you distribute your water intake throughout the day.

Simply gulping down great big glasses of water here and there throughout the day is not advisable, mainly because it flushes too many electrolytes from the body at one time. A good glass upon waking and before the end of your day is generally okay, although the other liter or two should be taken in small regular doses, like a sip every 10 minutes for example.


Fun facts: The brain is closer to 90% water content, muscles are around 75% and your blood is up to 85% H2O..


Room temperature water is better, as it is more readily absorbed directly into the blood and cells, without a (cold) shock to the system, so keeping a water bottle with you at all times is the way to go.

However, as a side note, although important, is please do not buy water in bottles from the shops. There are a few reasons for this but you can look into it yourself. Pollution aside, plastic water bottles contain endocrine disrupting chemicals which really harm the body. It is better to buy a refillable metal drink bottle and top it up several times a day.

You can either attach a filter at home, or buy 10 liter (environmentally friendly) casks of pure water and top your bottle up morning noon and night. If you do decide on a filter, try and find one that especially filters out Fluoride, along with chlorine and other heavy metals and parasites.


Pure Water

Many illnesses could be significantly improved by simply giving the body sufficient amounts of pure water.

Unfortunately many of us grab a coffee or pour a tea or throw down a beer, which are actually dehydrating you, leading to further breakdown of the system. All this is okay in moderation, however we must add even more water into our routine if we choose to drink these things.


Another important piece of the puzzle is that water helps to stabilize many systems of the body, such as digestive, respiratory, lymphatic, and namely the pancreatic system, which regulates blood sugar and insulin levels. It even helps with maintaining body temperature.

Toxins and waste can be passed efficiently through the Kidneys and Liver and excreted properly with a constant flow of pure alkaline water, which is critical to help balance the PH levels in the body.


However, most importantly in my view is the effect of dehydration counting for a lot of anxiety and depression… With a lack of water comes increased adrenal activity and a heightened sense of anxiety, and the body goes into fight or flight response, firing off STRESS hormones such as cortisol throughout the body, causing more pain and suffering, which may in the long run lead to depression and mental health issues.

Massage and bodywork are fantastic tools for relieving chronic pain and there is little that can take the place of good remedial therapies and emotional facilitation, although water is something that I would try before all else. I am willing to bet that many of your general aches, pains and fatigue, including headaches will disappear once you implement regular water intake and you will feel 10 times better off.


Simply put. Water is vital for preventing disease and enjoying life long into the future…  

So please do yourself a favor, find a reusable bottle that you love and do your best to drink as much pure water as possible.


In good health,


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