Functional Release Cupping – Ancient Art.. Modernized!

Traditional Cupping or “Flame Cupping” uses fire to create a vacuum effect in contoured glass cups, which can be placed on almost any part of the body – aimed at repairing and restoring function to soft tissue.

These techniques have been around for thousands of years, from Egypt, China, India and other cultures, and they used ceramic, bamboo, bronze, copper or silver cups originally with the flame method, however the art has evolved into today’s modern cupping which predominantly uses a firm plastic cup and a “suction gun” instead of fire.

Also, rubbery silicone cups which resemble something you might use to bake with are now available that do not require the suction gun.

What are the benefits of cupping?

Some of the main benefits of cupping are improving circulation, decreasing pain, metabolites/inflammation in the area and helps to heal scar tissue, along with promoting relaxation by calming the nervous system, and general well-being.

It is an ideal treatment for those who experience back, shoulder or hip pain and tension; complex nerve related or spinal pain and for those who regularly exercise and/or have an acute/chronic injury.

What is Functional Release Cupping?

Applying the ancient principles of cupping therapy, with a combination of soft tissue techniques involving dynamic range of motion, and recruiting motor pathways to improve functional movement patterns that are restricted due to injuries, overuse and pain – transforming cupping into a modern modality that is highly effective.

Functional Release Cupping (FRC) works with passive, every day movements and breathe work to promote new neuro-pathways to areas of poor function, providing a new input to the nervous system, changing dysfunction/ pain – helping you move easier.

It differs from traditional cupping methods because the best results are achieved with active client participation. Using myofascial principles, it works with your fascia along your kinetic chains with passive and active movement, and has additional benefits over traditional cupping such as improving flexibility and range of motion by stimulating the muscles and better facilitating the release of connective tissue – which also reduces the risk of injury in future.

What to expect…

Basically we place a cup on the body where restriction is felt, then move that part through a comfortable range. As the tissues begin to respond and soften, we slowly increase the range to the outer limits of that movement until we are happy with the progress gained. Under the guidance of the practitioner, the client is in control of their movement whilst the cups are on so they can moderate the levels of discomfort throughout the treatment.

Cupping is extremely useful for deep tissue repair by promoting oxygenated blood to the affected area, however even though the cups are left in place for just a few minutes, they often leave painless residual marks, which look similar to bruising and can take 2-7 days to clear. In Eastern medicine the depth of colour of these spots is believed to have relevance as to how the injury is progressing.

The results we see with our clients are simply amazing – with functional cupping leading to significant reductions, if not completely relieving pain, and restoring function to the area of concern.

If you’re in pain, have stubborn tension or sporting an injury, then this might just be the treatment for you. Our in-house Myotherapist is highly trained and passionate in applying functional cupping – Get in touch today!

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