Winter Massage

Benefits of a Winter Massage

So here we are again, another long, cold Melbourne winter. It is the time of year when you generally don’t feel like getting up to much other than staying in with the electric blanket and a good book or DVD.

However, a mid-year massage might just be the winter warmer that you have been longing for and with our heated massage table, towels and warm and comfy room, it’s the perfect escape from the cold.

Here are a few benefits of receiving regular massages during winter to entice you further…


Boosting Circulation & Immune System

Cold weather can bring on many discomforting aches, pains and arthritis, and it is common to suffer from colds, flu and other congestion issues throughout the winter months.

Massage therapy increases circulation and enhances blood flow to muscles, joints, and organs, and gives a sense of warming up the body. This naturally lowers blood pressure and improves overall body function.

As we tend to be less active around this time of year, our lymphatic system slows down. The lymphatic system is crucial for ridding any waste toxins from the blood and tissues throughout the body, and plays a major role in our immunity, fighting off infections, hence when it is not functioning efficiently we feel tired, lethargic and we’re more prone to getting sick.

Massage increases lymph flow through our lymph nodes which are equipped with white blood cells and so on to remove any nasty invaders and can reinvigorate your entire system. This includes your digestive system and so on.

Along with winter comes dry air and of course dry skin. An added bonus massage therapy is proven to stabilize the collagen in your skin and also helps maintain your skin’s elasticity. The improved circulation also allows your skin to better absorb the natural vitamin rich oils and lotions used in our massage sessions that repair and moisturize your skin, leaving you feeling nourished.

The best ones to look out for when it comes to dry skin contain healthy amounts of Omega Essential Oils, Vitamin A, C and especially Vitamin E.


Beating the Winter Blues

It’s cold and most of us don’t like it, we often feel unmotivated and don’t get to enjoy our favourite activities during winter.

Getting off to work and returning home in the dark can put a real downer on your mood, leaving you feeling tired and worn out. This is mostly due to the lack of sunlight causing vitamin D deficiency and well as wreaking havoc on your melatonin levels and circadian rhythm.

A lot of us tend to suffer from depression during winter for these reasons, so it is important to continue to get exercise and maybe find a good vitamin D supplement.

Aside from that, winter is also a fantastic time of year to get a massage to help increase an overall state of well being. Massage therapy not only releases tightness in the muscles, it also stimulates the central nervous system and produces several hormones such as serotonin and releases endorphins that elevate your mood, relieve pain, reduce anxiety, stress and depression.

A good deep tissue massage can be and uplifting way to beat the winter blues – you will surely feel happier, more relaxed, and it’ll give you more energy!


What are you waiting for?



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