AiM – Some simple movement practices that will profoundly shift chronic pain

I recently sent out an email about AiM – Anatomy In Motion, and had such an overwhelming response that I have decided to write a whole blog post about this amazing movement therapy.

Massage and bodywork is essential for our well-being, however, much of the muscle pain and related issues (e.g. headaches) we experience throughout our body is caused by poor body mechanics, posture and dysfunctional movement patterns.

These movement patterns are essentially the neural mind-body connection – gone a bit haywire, usually due to prolonged habitual posture habits or injury, which leads to inactive muscles and weakening, over worked muscles through compensation and also muscle firing timing delays or firing out of order with each other, leading to inefficient movements and ultimately further potential injury and pain.

Long-term relief from chronic pain is achieved by addressing dysfunctional movement and the AIM method, aided by bodywork therapies is the the most effective and downright simplest way to do it.


As seen on BBC’s Dr. In the House – Gary is an author, educator and speaker on the subject of human movement and anatomy.

He is the inventor of the Flow Motion Model: a simple description of what the body does and when it does it…


Here is Gary appearing on the BBC in a short documentary that follows the story of one of Gary’s clients as they begin working together to overcome chronic back pain. It is truly AMAZING!

You can learn more about AiM and find a practitioner near you by visiting the site:


Once you have watched that, if you are interested to begin your own journey toward PAIN-FREE living then I strongly suggest that you watch this complementary series of movement videos.

This short video series is educational, informative and designed to give you an understanding of your body and how your movement patterns can cause your pain, affecting everything that you do, and get your body moving in new empowering ways.

The exercises you will explore help to wake up and re-train your muscles, to balance out the whole body function, correcting your posture and movement to free you from ongoing pain..

Start watching and working through these one part at a time as each video builds on the last.

Not only do I think you will find them interesting, but they also have the potential to literally change your life!


Part 1 –


Part 2 –


Part 3 –


Part 4 –


Once you incorporate movement based therapy into your health regime you will get so much more benefit from any massage and physical therapies you receive, and the overall benefits will be profound.

All the best.

p.s. Of course a healthy clean lifestyle is a must for anyone serious about optimum health.


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