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3 Super Easy Tips to Avoid Neck Pain at Work

The majority of clients I see every week in the studio are all suffering from neck and shoulder pain and they all say the same thing –

It’s from being stuck at a desk all week at work!

Maybe you can relate, long hours, slumped at your desk, the pressure of work building up..

Then you finally leave for the day and you are all stiff and sore and possibly even have a throbbing headache.

Well, although there are a few long-term lifestyle changes that will lead to pain free days at your desk, here are just a few things you can start to implement right away to help avoid neck and shoulder pain.

1. Set an inactivity alarm

A major issue is sitting static in a poor posture for long periods of time.

Set an alarm on your computer to go off every hour so you can regularly get up from your desk for a 2 minute walk and stretch break so you will be less likely to get all stiff.

Simply doing some nice gentle neck stretches and a few complete circles in each direction will help dramatically. While you are at it, you may as well have a glass of water or a herbal tea to stay hydrated which will also reduce the chances of getting a headache.

2. Incorporate Chin Tucks

While you’re up, kettle is on and having a quick stretch, why not add some chin tucks?

It is estimated that 60% of people with ongoing neck pain is due to what is known as Forward Head Posture which is caused by the muscles along the back of your neck shortening while the ones in front get overstretched due to poor posture.

Doing some simple chin tucks can retrain your neck muscles and correct posture over time.

– Keeping your back straight and your chest up maintaining an erect upper body posture with your arms by your sides, draw your chin in without dropping your head toward your chest.

– You should feel a stretch through the back of your neck as your spine is lengthening.

– Hold for 2 seconds, release and repeat 8 times. Do this once or twice throughout your day.

3. Apply a heat pack

If your neck feels sore and tight, a really soothing thing to do, particularly during the colder months when we tend to keep our shoulders up around our ears is to place a heat pack on your neck for 10-15 minutes when you feel the need.

This can also be useful after waking up; or another wonderful thing is a nice hot shower or bath with some Epsom salts if it has been an especially tense day.

It’s important to develop a strong core and to be mindful of your posture while sitting and develop healthy movement patterns to guarantee long-term pain free living, however if you follow these three tips, you will at least get some more immediate relief day to day without resorting to pain killers and you will be happier and more motivated to take further committed steps in future.

Remedial Massage is a fantastic way to not only relieve neck and shoulder pain, ease built up tension and aid in correcting posture, but a massage will also help you get the most from your efforts when you start implementing these new daily desk habits!

I hope these 3 tips to avoid neck and shoulder pain really do wonders for you!

p.s. Book in for a Remedial Massage in Fairfield today!

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